Coron D1: Gala at Lamon

Location: Coron, Palawan
Date: June 28 2011
Present: Kaiz and Jie


Rowjie and I were scheduled to fly at 12:00 noon so we still had ample time to finish packing our stuff since we went home right away after our night shift. This was the first time that we left this late.

If you happened to have been reading my blog posts since I started the travelogue, you would know that I am not a fan of regular-amount airfares. I always wait for seat sales and promos because I cannot afford to pay for P4000 worth of tickets. With that being said, our trip to Busuanga via Cebu Pacific only costs us 100-plus with no check-in baggage. We brought Rowjie’s 45-liter backpack, my small sling bag, and a camera bag. Our things weighed in 9 kilos, at most. Alright, here’s the terrible part (what a nice way to start the trip, I thought).

At the check-in counter, we fell in line and waited for our queue since there were a few people ahead of us. When it’s finally our turn, we were told that we can proceed to the boarding area as our stuff didn’t excess their baggage allowance and we needed not to pay for anything. Alright. I didn’t bother to ask if they needed to put any sticker on our stuff or whatsoever because their policies change from time to time.

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Coron Entrance Fees

Alright, I am not alone in peeving about Coron’s not-so-cheap and unorganized collection of entrance fees to each of its islands/lakes/beaches. I have read a lot of complaints about it.

Apparently, good thing for future travelers, a resolution created by Coron’s LGU on collective fee for all destinations is an ongoing talk among its town officials.

But for now, tourists still need to pay the following entrance fees (as of May 2011): Continue reading