Traveling: When Fact is Really Fiction


hose who have been following (if there are) my blog, you probably would have noticed by now my so much gusto for the movie The Beach, which was based on a novel of the same title by author Alex Garland and made famous by then-26-year-old Leonardo di Caprio (he’s turning 39 this year).

The flick depicts a paradise in Phuket’s Maya Bay that I swore to my ancestors’ graves that I will lay my eyes upon it someday. Having dreamt of visiting the place for the longest time, imagine my horror when I finally set foot on this secret infamous paradise.

Koh Phi Phi

Overcrowded and filthy. There’s very little space where you can swim. When you get to find the perfect spot, you’d feel icky when you step on a diaper or other sorts of trash. Maya Bay is a deceitful piece of crap. Or maybe I just went there at the wrong time or season perhaps. Paradise was a lie. Frustrating, disappointing.

I asked around. Apparently, it happens to a lot of travelers too. That fact is sometimes indeed fiction, that truth is just sugarcoated with lies and deceptions, that there are things that are not really not meant to happen no matter what. And look what I came up with, the top not-postcard worthy and bitch-slapping realities of traveling as told by the Pinoy Travel Bloggers.


EXPECTATION: You must look good on your photos and so you must bring along with you your best sets of travel clothes.

Photo by JP Bond Photography

You’re a stingy person with no intentions of purchasing extra baggage for your fashionable clothing. You end up wearing the same clothes over and over again.

Photo by

EXPECTATION: You can live in the hotel suite you just booked because it looks heaven in photos.

Photo by Kastelli Resort

The room is big enough for you and your baggage. Major movements can cause physical injuries. You can also pray that this ain’t no Bratislava, if you know what I mean.
Khao San Road

EXPECTATION: You think of the world as a large Wi-Fi zone. You can post your live feed of whatevs you’re doing in Sydney.

Photo by Wix Blog

Sorry to rain on your parade, this is a Wi-Fi-free area. You’re doomed. You either sleep or whine and complain.

Animation by Reaction GIFs

EXPECTATION: You’re in Rome and you overpaid for a set of authentic Italian meal.

Photo by Made in Italy

EXPECTATION: You can always ask a stranger to take a picture of you or pose along with you as you flash off that peace sign.

Weekend Getaway

Happy and willing locals are mere folklore. You meet grumpy, rude people instead.

EXPECTATION: You’re cruising on an ancient junk built since God-knows-when.

EXPECTATION: Your friends will melt out of jealousy if they see photos of your glamorous First-World vacation.

Photo by GLSVLSI

EXPECTATION: A welcoming committee is waiting at the airport for your arrival.

Photo by Creative Critterz

EXPECTATION: Amazing historic sites and iconic landmarks that not all are blessed to see.

Photo by FunkyStock

EXPECTATION: You have waited for this event your whole damn life. You’d run a marathon, you’d cross seven seas, you’d reach for the stars just to ensure nothing ruins this moment.

Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival

EXPECTATION: You’re taking a quick break from your backpacking.

Photo by Outside Online

EXPECTATION: The grey skies will clear up, the seemingly-ceaseless downpour will come to an end. It can’t ruin your trip.

Photo by Cullogo

These and that are just some of the things that people don’t see on your photos once you hit that upload button of your Facebook or Instagram account. But do we stop from exploring places to continue filling up our fun memory bank because of these failed expectations and harsh realities? Nah. These only keep us from craving for more. Sometimes, fact needs to be fiction for us to stop hoping for the best then be crushed when things don’t happen as we want them to be. Traveling is best enjoyed when we have less things to think about, when there is no baggage that we need to carry.

Expect less, travel more.

PTB Blog Carnival

Traveling: When Fact is Really Fiction is Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival theme for April 2014.

For previous compilations of PTB Blog Carnival, please visit and be more inspired by the amazing stories of all these wonderful travel bloggers.

  • Aleah |

    LOL Love it, Kaiz. I’ve never seen the carnival presented this way before. I guess it’s really true–we shouldn’t expect too much when we’re traveling!

    • MissBackpacker

      I still feel bad about your Acropolis experience. Postcards ang may kasalanan nito! :D

  • Pandelicious

    Great job Kaiz! Unfortunately even if I wanted to join I couldn’t think of a trip na I was disappointed– all of my travel boo boos are self-inflicted :P Haha or maybe I haven’t travelled enough…

    • MissBackpacker

      Buti na lang you didn’t join. I would have had a difficult time siguro on how to present your post. :D Thanks for always dropping by, Potato!

  • grasya

    relate much! ^_^

    • MissBackpacker

      Salamat ulit sa pagsali. :)

  • kaiyewashere

    Nice! Lakas maka Buzz feed :)

    • MissBackpacker

      Akchooly, that was the plan. hahaha!

  • Sonyboy Fugaban

    I really like how you presented this, Kaiz. Basta. Astig yung button for reality. hehe…

  • Sonyboy Fugaban


    Make that “buttons”. And, siyempre yung nuggets of wisdom sa huli ay totoo. The failed expectations will not stop us from traveling but make us salivate for more.

    • MissBackpacker

      One-up para dito, Sir Sony! Mabuhay ka! :)

  • ian l

    wow! ang galing so far the most hightech blogcarnival!!! hehehe… sayang hindi ako nakasali….

    • MissBackpacker

      Dapat gumawa rin tayo ng Blog Carnival Awards. Ino-nominate ko ito para sa Most High-Tech! hahaha.

      • ian l

        Magandang event yan para xmas party natin!!! =)

  • Mai_Flores

    Waaaah! Ang ganda ng compilation, Kaiz! How’d you do that “click to see more” tab? Gusto ko nyan sa blog ko..hehe! But seriously, totoo talaga yang mishaps on the road.. madalas ko yan maExperience sa ibang accommodations na napuntahan ko.. dreadful but bearable. Still, dreadful pa din! Hahaha! Good job on this one. :)

    • MissBackpacker

      Hello Mai. :D

      Function/Feature siya sa template na gamit ko. Dreadful pero sige pa rin tayo ng sige. Walang kadala-dala. hahaha!

      Thanks, thanks. :)

  • Sky Summer

    Supah Nice Kaiz! After a recent trip in Mynamar, We’d just earned another travel blunder and this one is more serious.

    • MissBackpacker

      Hello Sky. Would love to hear the story. :)

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