Big Badass Buddha

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Since Rowjie and I had plenty of time to see, visit, or do whatever that we could while we were in Phuket, we decided to just go to Big Buddha, Wat Chalong, Phuket Weekend Market, and Old Town. We first went to Big Buddha. (more…)

Talamitam: Adventure Extended

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As part of our fundraising-cum-training for our upcoming Everest Base Camp trek, we organized rappelling and hiking activities in Mount Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas last weekend. In our group, I was the only one who hiked with the participants while the others had to set up the rappel equipment and prepare our breakfast. Normally, the hike to ...

Rappelling in Layong Bato

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I have scaled a number of hills and mountains already but, ironically, I kinda fear the heights. Not really acrophobia, maybe I am just scared of the thought of falling and dying. Last weekend, I did another first in my life that is abseiling or more popularly known as rappelling. I have done wall and rock climbing before ...

Travel Guide: Itbayat Island

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How to get to Itbayat From the capital Basco, you can either ride a boat or a plane to Itbayat. Below are the details: Entry Point: Chinapoliran Port Exit Point: Basco Port Mode of Transportation: Boat via M/B Itransa or M/B Ocean Spirit Fare: P450 one-way Travel Time: 3 hours Contact #:  +63 939 918 6580 (M/B Ocean Spirit) and +63 908 502 ...

How to Sleep on a Plane

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Many of us do not love the idea of long plane trips because of the discomfort it may bring. So here, I have collaborated with Mary Johnson, an experienced fashion, travel, and shopping blogger to give you tips on how to properly sleep on a plane. During the last years, prices of flight tickets as well as ...

World Cup 2014 Travel Guide

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It's common to hear the phrase "the world stops" in relation to the FIFA World Cup. Indeed, it does seem as if once every four years work and other obligations matter a little bit less (at least in participating countries) as people all over the world tune in to a month of incredible international soccer ...

Gone too Soon

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Rowjie: Palalabs, nag-message si DJ. Kaiz: Oh? Rowjie: Naaksidente si Marie. Kaiz: Oh? Rowjie: Car accident. Kaiz: Okay naman siya? Rowjie: Patay daw yung mga kasama. (more…)

Basco: North Batan

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Basco, the gateway to the northernmost province of the Philippines, is also the capital of Batanes. Located in Batan Island, Basco is politically divided into six barangays—Ihubok II (Kayvaluganan), Ihubok I (Kaychanarianan), San Antonio, San Joaquin, Chanarian, Kayhuvokan making it the largest municipality in the island in terms of population and land area. (more…)